The Gold Standard

Gold is continuing to set record high market prices and PPMAA is now offering top dollar for your gold bulion and other precious metals. We pride ourselves on quality customer satisfaction and service.

Time for a Change?

PPMAA is now offering top dollar on your previously loved Patek Philippe, Rolex, Breitling, Omega, and other fine swiss watches. We will give you a great return on your investment.

Enter Our Auction

PPMAA wants to help you find the perfect addition to your collection. Find great deals on rare coins, silver, jewelry, and sport memorabilia.

A Silver Swan

Silver is precious and found in a wide range of common wares. PPMAA is always looking for selected items in this precious metal. Talk to us and you could be singing a happy tune.

A Penny Earned

PPMAA is looking for rare stamps. We're looking to help you beat the high cost of postage by purchasing your rare U.S. Postal stamps at a great price that makes sense to your bottom line.

A Grand Slam!

Sports Memorabilia is another area of PPMAA interest. Not simply a game or childhood pasttime. The right item can hit the highest prices from true fans. It's out of the park!

That's What I Want

PPMAA is interested in rare collectible currency. Treasured for more than simply their face value. Some are collected as true works of art. Let us show you how it stacks up.

Good Heroes Are Rare

PPMAA is looking for your childhood reading materials. It's not for the Sea Monkey Ads or the Ant Farms. In the right condition, these Pop-Art publications are worth a hero's ransom.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and artwork can be quite valuable. PPMAA is interested in helping you find the perfect buyer for your treasured masterpiece. You might be holding a lot more than beauty.

Historically Speaking

PPMAA is aways interested in items of Historical Value. These tend to be highly prized possessions by their owners and highly sought by collectors. What valuable stories are hidden in your wealth?

"We let our prices speak
for themselves."

President & CEO, Bill Pearlman Bill Pearlman, CEO, Pearlman's Jewelers

The Pearlman's Approach

Welcome to the division of Pearlman's for buying gold, platinum, jewelry, and more. Our family has been in the jewelry business, in the same Battle Creek location since 1930. An important service we offer, although not widely publicized, is buying gold and antique jewelry. We are not like the other gold buyers you see countless times before. Over the years, we have bought gold, silver, platinum, and antique jewelry from thousands of customers in a discreet and professional manner. Your business is private and we approach it that way. We have been serving Michigan gold buyers all of these years and guarantee the highest value for your items.

What the Other Guys Do

  • Take out full page ads in newspapers promising you the moon.
  • Run annoying, condescending advertisements in the media.
  • Make inflated false promises like "Guaranteed, highest prices paid!"
  • Ask you to send your gold in to be "evaluated" without providing current prices.

What We Do

  • Provide current prices for your precious metals with our simple to use precious metal calculator.
  • Provide detailed information about how to sell antique jewelry, fine watches, gold, silver, and platinum in our What We Buy section.
  • Provide discreet, courteous service to every customer who contacts us.
  • Our gold prices are available to see 24 hours a day.

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